2013-14 Annual Report: Mission and Board of Trustees

Our Mission Statement

“To give our youth an education that shall be American in character — to enable them to act as well as to think — to execute as well as to conceive — ‘to tolerate all opinions when reason is left free to combat them’ — to make moral, patriotic, efficient, and useful citizens, and to qualify them for all those high responsibilities resting upon a citizen of this free republic.” Adopted 1843

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a diverse body of individuals who serve as stewards of Norwich University. These hardworking visionaries are tasked with establishing policies that steer the University into a greater future. The Board currently comprises 35 men and women—a combination of alumni and non-alumni, as well as military, business, and educational leaders. Drawing upon their collective experience and wisdom, these dedicated servants ensure that Norwich is prepared to educate the next generation of enlightened and useful citizen-soldiers in a world transformed by globalization and technology.

Gordon R. Sullivan ’59 & H’91

Vice Chairman
Joel A. Kobert ’65

Richard W. Schneider

David J. Whaley ’76

Assistant Secretary
Laura Amell ’89

Keith R. Barrett ’80, P’06 & P’08
Lance Boxer
Leo A. Brooks, Jr.
Paul J. Carrara ’59
Larry P. Costa ’80
Peter Dalrymple ’65
Alan F. DeForest ’75 & P’01
Harvey C. DeMovick, Jr. ’68
Denise M. Donovan ’81
Philip B. Down ’70
Lorna Duphiney Edmundson
John J. Gatti ’86
Maxine J. Grad
Roberta F. Haney ’79
Wm. Blaine Hawkins
Mark M. Kisiel ’59
John C. Koziol ’76
Larry A. Lang ’77
William M. Lasky ’69
Jesus A. Mangual ’73
Douglas M. McCracken ’70
Richard I. Neal
E. Miles Prentice
Martha T. Rainville H’06
Stephen T. Rippe ’70
Phil L. Soucy ’73
Gary F. Terry ’81 & P’10
Mark D. Thompson ’79
Elizabeth C. Veach ’92
David G. Warren ’74
J. Fred Weintz ’47 & H’01
Robert H. Young P’00

Trustee Emeriti

Chairmen Emeriti
Fred C. Kreitzberg ’57 & H’94
Philip R. Marsilius ’43 & H’68
Rollin S. Reiter ’50 & H’90

President Emeritus
W. Russell Todd ’50, H’75 & P’75

Secretary Emeritus
Gerald L. Painter H’91

Diran Apelian
Francis K. Brooks ’67
Louis W. Cabot H’61
David C. Crawford ’52 & H’93
George F. Donovan ’61 & H’12
Alfred M. Gray H’88
Carl N. Guerreri ’62
Alden Guild H ’77
Carol A. Hawkes
Frederick M. Haynes ’58 & H’02
Charley A. Holden Jr. ’67
Robert S. Lappin ’51 & H’00
Robert B. Mack ’64 & H’06
Pierson G. Mapes ’59 & H’90
Abigail B. Mason
Joseph A. Milano Jr. ’66 & H’03
John S. Patton H’96
E. Tarry Polidor ’64 & H’05
Jennifer N. Pritzker H’07
Jason Segal ’60 (deceased)
Virginia G. Watkin H’86
Lawrence Wesneski ’70
Gail Andrews Whelan

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