All A-Twitter on the Hill

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In the world of social media, the story of Western civilization is being documented, as it happens, by the multitudes. But in a decade or two, or ten or twenty, where will that history live? Some experts speculate that unless we take measures to preserve it, our digital imprint will fall into a void, and this era will become a virtual dark age. The purpose of the Norwich Record is to serve as a record of the great story of this institution. So this new section marks the beginning of our effort to preserve, in print, some of the Norwich family’s virtual conversation.

What do you, as a member of this family, want Norwich’s early-21st-century digital footprint to convey to future generations? We welcome you to help shape that footprint by adding your voice to the discussion.

Where is NU Social Media?

The magic of social media is that they offer innumerable ways to connect with Norwich. Not yet tapped in? We’ve made it easy for you. Visit for links to all our social media outlets.

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