Book Report ✯ Spring 2018

Design-Build Studio
On January 13, 2018, Norwich University celebrated the release of The Design-Build Studio: Crafting Meaningful Work in Architecture Education with a reception at the Sullivan Museum and History Center. The event featured a pop-up exhibit of editor and Assistant Professor of Architecture Tolya Stonorov’s original drawings from the book. Other Norwich contributors include Associate Professor of Architecture Danny Sagan, Dean of the College of Professional Schools Aron Temkin, Adjunct Professor Steve Kredell, and Dan Wheeler ’15. As a field guide to current trends in academic design-build studios, including Norwich University’s School of Architecture + Art, The Design-Build Studio examines 16 international community-driven design-build case studies through process and product, and offers a look into processes and methodologies and how they can be used to transform communities.

Off the Record with FDR: 1942–1945
One of the most fascinating diaries to emerge in the 20th century, Off the Record with FDR provides a day-to-day glimpse into FDR’s life. Born in Northfield in today’s Hassett House on the south side of the Norwich campus, William Hassett H’46 went on to become a noted Washington Post journalist and served as an assistant secretary to Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Acting as the White House press secretary, Hassett was the one to announce Roosevelt’s death to the nation. He also maintained deep ties with Northfield and served as a Norwich Trustee. His lively account provides insights into FDR’s complex personality as well as into his many political and personal relationships. Originally published in hardcover in 1958, the book was reissued in 2016.

Drumbeats in the Valley
Drumbeats in the Valley: A Story of Life at Norwich University in the Early Nineteenth Century, is a coming-of-age story set in 1838. Eighteen-year-old Ben Walker leaves New Jersey to attend Norwich University. Despite many ups and downs during his three years as a cadet, Ben never loses sight of his goal of successfully completing his studies. Of the book, Nancy Osgood of the Norwich Historical Society says, “Mr. Sholk has given us a wonderful window on Norwich in the late 1830s and early 1840s by representing so accurately the community and Norwich University.”

Harmony of the Spheres
In the movie Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin famously says, “If you want to understand me, watch my movies.” The same can be said for a person’s writing. If you knew Dick Conde ’52 and want to remember him, or if you never met him but would like to know him, read Harmony of the Spheres. Conde’s novel charts the Holy Grail’s passage through time.
At the outset, a young Jesus takes a sea voyage from his home to the tin mines of England, where he encounters an ambiguous world of deceit and treachery. Yet, he also encounters men and women who are sympathetic, decent, and courageous. The last chapters of the story take place in rural Vermont, where the Holy Grail is about to fall into Satan’s possession.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response
This practical guide to deploying digital forensic techniques in response to cybersecurity incidents will guide you through the spectrum of tasks associated with incident response. You will then begin a detailed examination of digital forensic techniques including acquiring evidence, examining volatile memory, hard-drive assessment, and network-based evidence. You will also explore the role that threat intelligence plays in the incident response process.
Finally, a detailed section on preparing reports will help you prepare a written report for use either internally or in a courtroom. By the end of the book, you will have mastered forensic techniques and incident response and you will have a solid foundation on which to increase your ability to investigate such incidents in your organization.

Korea (Our War): 1950–1953
This is a touching, intimate memoir of the Korean War and its influence on the lives of a young married couple, Peter Cuthbert ’51 and his wife, Nancy. Their story is told chiefly through their letters. Cuthbert attended the Citadel before transferring to Norwich University to graduate with the Class of 1951. He was commissioned an armor officer through the ROTC and retired from the U.S. Army Reserve as a colonel after serving 32 years as a citizen-soldier.

During his 31-year career in education, Cuthbert was a high school history teacher, coach, history department chairman, and principal.

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