Book Report ✯ Winter 2017

Matthew Berlinguette ’92

Matthew Berlinguette '92

Matthew Berlinguette ’92

After the untimely passing of Matthew Berlinguette ’92 in July 2016, his mother, Hilda, contacted Norwich University to request a copy of his B.A. thesis, a collection of poetry and fiction titled Finding Solid Ground. Berlinguette, who taught writing and literature for 22 years at Manchester Community College in New Hampshire, “was very knowledgeable and loved to share his love of literature, especially with his students,” his mother says. The unpublished collection is housed in the NU Archives, and his parents have granted permission for the Archives to share a PDF version with anyone who wishes to read it. Contact

Pennsylvania Railroad Lines, West Erie & Pittsburgh Branch

At 247 pages, Pennsylvania Railroad Lines, West Erie & Pittsburgh Branch covers the West Erie & Pittsburgh Branch railroad from its initial conception in September 1835 through 2015. The line follows the Conneaut and Shenango River valleys, the last valleys encountered when traveling west through northwestern Pennsylvania into Ohio. Chapters include its history, factors that influenced its success and demise, details on the city and port of Erie, scenes from Erie to Homewood, Pa., passenger and freight operations, equipment owned and used, and control of operations. Buchan, who returned to Norwich in the early 1960s as an instructor, went on to serve as president of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society. This is his third book.

Liturgy of Meditations and Actions for Humanists and Agnostics

Dr. Bob Christie ’44 is a physician, medical research scientist, and lifelong Episcopalian. He has served as a lay reader, a Eucharistic minister, and in many lay-leadership capacities in the several parishes to which he has belonged. But he has struggled over many years to reconcile his head with his heart in religious matter. Belatedly he realized that he had become an out-of-the-closet Humanist in need of a structured liturgy in which to frame his Humanistic values and beliefs. This book relates theology to actions—where beliefs and good intentions ultimately thrive or die—and presents a contemporary theology that guides ethical and moral behavior through meditation.

Caribbean’s Keeper: A Novel of Vendetta

This debut thriller by Brian Boland M’11, a U.S. Coast Guard aviator, will take you onto a cutter fighting drug runners at sea—and into the terrifying world of modern-day pirates. Lieutenant Junior Grade Cole Williams has always been at home on the sea, racing sailboats and crewing yachts during his time as a cadet at the United States Coast Guard Academy. But when he reports aboard a cutter patrolling the Caribbean, he can’t seem to please the command, and his attempts to do the right thing always seem to land him in hot water. In Caribbean’s Keeper, Boland spins a story born from more than a decade of his own experience fighting the war on drugs.

Wrong Town: A Mark Landry Novel

Follow 39-year-old veteran Mark Landry as he returns home, having retired from an American government black-ops unit. In a small town north of Boston with a rich history, Landry finds that the only girl he has ever loved, Luci Alvarez, is now a policewoman at the precarious center of a community’s struggles with change, amid a powder keg of fear and paranoia not seen since colonial times. Wrong Town fuses the worlds of special operations, counterintelligence, police work, and small-town drama into a gripping adventure full of characters with monumental responsibilities and real-life troubles.

Through Fear and Trembling: The Criminalization of Christianity: A Novel

The untimely death of Reverend Jeremiah Martin thrusts youth pastor Brandon Mills into the uncomfortable position of acting senior pastor at Green Valley Community Church. He is summoned to the office of Justinian Lubinecek, the local head of the Bureau of Government Affairs. When Pastor Mills refuses Justinian’s encroaching demands upon him and the church, ominous events begin to unfold. Through Fear and Trembling foresees an Orwellian time of persecution, both subtle and overt, that will be unleashed upon Bible-believing individuals and churches in a culture that has come to regard the Bible as hate literature and Christians as criminals.

Little Paul Pine

Where a forest once stood, a few trees remain. They stand in quiet sadness, devastated by logging. In the moment that they all feared most, when another tree is about to be cut to the ground, an unlikely act of bravery occurs. What happens to the remaining trees? Is this act of heroism enough to save the trees? And who is so courageous? Little Paul Pine is Kennedy’s latest book with Tate Publishing, which published her books French Toast: The Early Morning Adventure and Why Wolf Has Big Feet in 2015, and Why Wolf is Waterproof, French Toast: Friends in the Front Yard, and The Tale of a Comet Named Hiccup in 2016.

Three Days and Two Knights: An Amusing Arthurian Adventure

“Few tales tell of heroes and dragons, knights and giants, magic, miracles, love, a banshee, and the undead . . .” So begins Aelfric the Entertainer, this tale’s invasive, witty, and often philosophical narrator. Set on the moors of Scotland in the waning months of Arthur’s rule, Three Days and Two Knights features characters, settings, artifacts, and events drawn from medieval myth and history, and will appeal to anyone who loves the Middle Ages, knights, monsters, magic, or King Arthur, especially those who grew up with The Lord of the Rings, the Percy Jackson series, and Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon series.

Don’t Give an Inch: The Second Day at Gettysburg

With names that have become legendary—Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, the Peach Orchard, the Wheatfield, Culp’s Hill—the second day at Gettysburg encompasses some of the best-known engagements of the Civil War. Yet those same stories have also become shrouded in mythology and misunderstanding. In Don’t Give an Inch, emerging Civil War historians Chris Mackowski, Kristopher D. White M’09, and Daniel T. Davis focus on the south end of the field, peeling back the layers to share the real and often-overlooked stories of that fateful summer day. White, a former Gettysburg licensed battlefield guide, teaches at the Community College of Allegheny County near Pittsburgh, Pa.

Environmental and Nature Writing

Offering guidance on writing poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, Environmental and Nature Writing is a complete introduction to the art and craft of writing about the environment. The book includes an anthology, offering inspiring examples of nature writing in all of the genres by such noted authors as Nikky Finney, Major Jackson, Natasha Trethewey, and many more. This is the third book publication for Prentiss, who teaches English and creative writing at Norwich. It is also the second book collaboration between Prentiss and Wilkins, who teaches at Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore., and who gave a reading at Norwich in 2014 as part of the NU Writers Series.

Chameleon 2016

This past spring, the editors of The Chameleon celebrated the publication of the 2016 edition, featuring stories, essays, poetry, and photographs by Norwich students. Contact Chameleon faculty adviser, Sean Prentiss, at to obtain a copy.

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