Book Report – Fall 2014

Courtesy of Ryan Welch ’97 (left).

Courtesy of Ryan Welch ’97 (left).

Valor: Unsung Heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front

By Mark Lee Greenblatt

Valor: Unsung Heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front recounts true stories of extraordinary heroism. Modeled after JFK’s Profiles in Courage, this book places the reader in the soldiers’ minds as they face enormous odds. One chapter features NU alumnus Ryan Welch ’97, an Apache pilot who ventured into Iraq’s notorious Triangle of Death to rescue two downed American pilots. Welch carried the injured soldiers 100 yards across an open field to the aircraft; then—because the helicopter lacked room for him—he strapped himself to the outside for the harrowing flight to the hospital. For his actions Welch received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Anarchist Modernity: Cooperatism and Japanese-Russian Intellectual Relations in Modern Japan

By Sho Konishi ’94

Mid-19th-century Russian radicals who witnessed the Meiji Restoration of Japan saw it as the most sweeping revolution in recent history, prompting the Russians to initiate “underground” transnational networks with Japan. In tracing those clandestine networks, Sho Konishi ’94 uncovers a major current in Japanese intellectual and cultural life between 1860 and 1930. He describes this concept as “cooperatist anarchist modernity,” a principle that fed into such developments as the Nonwar Movement and the popularization of the natural sciences. Anarchist Modernity offers an alternate view of Japanese history that challenges the “logic” of Western modernity.

MiniterThe Future of the Gun

By Frank Miniter ’96

The history of the American gun is inextricably intertwined with the history of America itself. In The Future of the Gun, Frank Miniter ’96 describes amazing breakthroughs waiting to happen in gun technology. His topics range from optics systems imbedded in firearms which render them accurate beyond the lengths of 10 football fields, to a Texas manufacturer using 3D printers to produce steel pistols. Miniter is the author of the New York Times best seller The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide.

Logan-largerThe Autobiography of Miss Huckleberry Finn

By Gina Logan VC ’78 & M’86

In her new novel, NU English faculty member and VC alumna Gina Logan tells the true story of Mark Twain’s memorable bad boy, Huckleberry Finn—who it turns out has been a girl all along. The discovery rocks the world of Twain scholarship when the manuscript of Huck’s autobiography is published 100 years after its discovery in the rubble of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Huck details her collaboration with Twain to alter her gender, and relates her subsequent life events in this book-length revelation that, at long last, completes the story of Huckleberry Finn.

LiptakCoxWar Stories: New Military Science Fiction

Co-edited by Andrew Liptak ’07 & M’09
F. Brett Cox, Contributor

War is everywhere, even in the places we try to hide from the world. It wages deep within families, infiltrates love letters, hovers above our heads. War rages on in our dreams and text messages. Andrew Liptak ’07 & M’09, a student-service advisor for Norwich’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies, has co-edited a new science-fiction anthology that challenges society’s predominant perceptions of war. War Stories: New Military Science Fiction takes us into battlefields that hurtle through space with foes that hide behind calm smiles, waiting patiently to reveal themselves. This 23-story collection includes “Where We Would End a War” by NU English Professor F. Brett Cox.

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