Book Reports – Winter 2014

The First Freedoms and America's Culture of InnovationThe First Freedoms and America’s Culture of Innovation: The Constitutional Foundations of the Aspirational Society

When confronted with a problem, an innovative mind struggles and brings forth something distinctive—if the culture gives the creative thinker freedom to do so. Fearless speech, unrestrained thought, and experimentation have led to developments in science, technology, the arts, and sociopolitical relations. In his latest book, NU communications professor Narain D. Batra explores the boundaries of permissible thought. The First Freedoms encourage Americans to be iconoclastic, to be creatively crazy, to be impure, thus enabling them to mix and remix ideas to design new technologies and cultural forms and platforms, from experimental social relations and big data explorations, to electing our first African-American president.

Ace of AcesAce of Aces
To save their future, they must reach into the past. Humanity is finally at peace on Earth in the year 2287. War has been banished. However, others among the stars seek humanity’s destruction. Facing annihilation, and without military leadership, people of the 23rd century must reach across the sea of time, plucking five WWII aces from the heat of battle to train and lead the young and aggressive outcasts of humanity’s Second Enlightenment in the art of aerial combat. Fact meets fiction in a story that weaves the biographies of five actual WWII pilots—Douglas Bader (GB), Gregory Boyington (U.S.), Adolf Galland (D), Lydia Litvyak (USSR), and Saburo Sakai (J)—into this fast-paced tale of adventure.

Hammers in the WindHammers in the Wind

Hammers in the Wind is a compelling work of fantasy fiction by first-time novelist Christian Warren Freed, who recently retired from a 20-year Army career and is now pursuing a Master of Military History at Norwich University. Chaos has come to the northern kingdom of Delranan. King Badron’s house is invaded. His son is murdered and his daughter kidnapped. Badron’s desire for revenge spawns a long-anticipated war. Freed draws on his three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and a keenly developed understanding of military tactics to create the events and battle sequences within Hammers in the Wind.

The Utimate Man's Survival GuideThe Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide

Do you know how to fight off an alligator, throw a four-seam fastball, mix the perfect martini? What are Ben Franklin’s 13 Rules of Improvement? Learn all this and more in the new, expanded paperback edition of Frank Miniter’s New York Times bestseller The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide. Miniter has floated the Amazon River, run with the bulls of Pamplona, and hunted bear in Russia, elk with the Apache, and kudu in the Kalahari Desert. He learned to box from Floyd Patterson, has spelunked into Pompey’s Cave, and climbed the Gunks. And, he manages to find time to pen a column for Forbes magazine.

Investigating Computer-Related CrimeInvestigating Computer-Related Crime: Second Edition

Cybercrime has evolved since the first publication of this book, co-authored by the director of Norwich University’s Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics Peter Stephenson more than a decade ago. Motives have not changed, but means and opportunities have. Investigating Computer-Related Crime: Second Edition incorporates the results of research and practice in a variety of venues, growth in the field, and new technology to offer a fresh look at the topic of digital investigation. This edition reflects a heightened focus on cyberstalking and cybercrime scene assessment, updates the tools used by digital forensic examiners, and places increased emphases on following the cyber trail and the concept of end-to-end digital investigation.

Sacred FallSacred Fall

Jack Weafer is known as the alumnus who recovered his father’s swords. Now, he brings us another victory of human spirit, a gripping true story about his near-death experience, physical recovery, and spiritual awakening. Sacred Fall traces Weafer’s life as a longtime athlete, psychotherapist, father, and husband from the moment he falls 50 feet into a granite ravine to his remarkable recovery. Miraculously overcoming a shattered body and a broken spirit to compete in a triathlon just nine months later, Jack Weafer shows us how to accept and even grow from unimaginable physical and spiritual pain.

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