2013-14 Annual Report: Changing Lives Through Diplomacy

The Impact of Olmsted Foundation–Funded Trips Pictured (center), Professor Eugene Sevi with (l-r) Norwich Cadets Joseph Babitsky, Delany Welch, Kyle Hallowell, and Rikki Feightner near Hagia Sophia,... Read More

2013-14 Annual Report: Changing Lives Through Public Service

The Impact of the Master of Public Administration Program After three years as the planning and economic development director for West Warwick, R.I., Frederick Presley M’14 felt he was ready to rise... Read More

2013-14 Annual Report: News Highlights

Summer & Fall 2013 News Highlights The much anticipated return of Sabine Sally ushers in the newly renovated Sabine Field and Haynes Family Stadium, the final projects of the Bearing the Torch initiative. Norwich... Read More

2013-14 Annual Report: Financial Statements

Statements of Financial Position 2-Year Comparative Summary (in thousands) ASSETS 2014 2013 Cash and Cash Equivalents $24,272 $23,239 Pledges, Accounts and Loans Receivable, Net $44,051 $23,431 Investments $206,074 $183,572 Land,... Read More