Lab Report – Nine Norwich Labs and the People Behind Them

From genetic engineering to digital forensics to the plays of Harold Pinter, campus labs across the sciences, professional disciplines, and humanities showcase the talent, curiosity, and impact of Norwich... Read More

The “Search” in Research

“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” – Socrates. By Jacque E. Day and Jane Dunbar. Humanities: Where the Search Begins. It is a well-documented, nationwide trend that... Read More

Forces of Nature

From space, Hurricane Maria looks almost tranquil, like a flower. But it is a very different scene on the Earth’s surface for Tara Lyons ’16 and Michael Kelley ’06, who have taken refuge with their... Read More

Thicker Than Blood

Two Alumni: One Unbreakable Bond. Story by Jane Dunbar. “You Could get the surprise of your life” – From “Live Your Life”, by T.I., 2008. IT HAD BEEN a glorious day on the Hill, and cadet... Read More

Uncovering the Norwich Story

(Photo by Mark Collier.)

The Living Legacy of Gary Lord, Dana Professor Emeritus of History, by Jacque E. Day.   April 27, 2017: “Now that you’re approaching the last few weeks of your last semester, what is going through... Read More

2016 – 2017 Annual Report

The 2016 – 2017 Annual Report has been published as part of the Fall 2017 Norwich Record. Now, it reaches thousands more alumni, family and friends of Norwich University. The fall issue has been... Read More

The Man Behind the Presidency

“I am just a steward for an unbelievable institution. I have the privilege of taking care of it, and I feel so honored to be the president.” (Photo by Mark Collier.)

“This 200th birthday, for me personally, has come at a magnificent time where I can really be right in the middle of everything Partridge.” – President Richard W. Schneider. Interview by Jacque E.... Read More

Tinker Tailor Soldier Agent

For nearly two decades, Harold Shaw ’88 has worked some of the FBI’s most high-profile cases, rising from rookie field agent to CIA liaison to leader of the bureau’s Boston Division. As he has evolved,... Read More

On the Front Lines: The Lasting Impact of ROTC Instructors

Marine Capt. Richard Benning M’17, a Norwich Naval ROTC instructor, leads a coaching session before the fall 2016 Hoplite battle. (Mark Collier.)

We are delighted to bring you the entire collection of ROTC instructor stories here. Scroll through or click to jump straight to the exclusive online stories. “With a little humility, application of... Read More

Leading in the Fleet

(Photo by Mark Collier.)

NU Alumni Living the Admiral’s Three Simple Rules: March 2017 Todd Lecturer, Navy Admiral Phil Davidson.   On March 21, U.S. Navy Admiral Phil Davidson delivered the spring 2017 Todd Lecture. His... Read More