The Record Has Moved

You’ve probably noticed by now that this issue of the Norwich Record looks different from previous issues. We hope you like it. Reporting every important story about our more than 24,000 alumni, 4,000... Read More

From the Hill to the White House

Norwich Alumni Shaping the Nation’s Future: By Jane Dunbar | Photos by Jordan Silverman.   Pictured (l-r): Erik Doucette ’92, Chris Costa ’84, Trevor Hough ’95. IT WAS AN EARLY MORNING in... Read More

Architecture Beyond Walls

One-on-One with Joe Fisher ’10 & M’11, By Carla Beecher. “Our goal is to fundamentally change the practice of architecture.” – Joe Fisher, Founder of Studio 355 Architecture A Disruptive... Read More

Shifting the Present

Snapshots of Three Exceptional Students: By Audrey Seaman ’13. Norwich students are taught and coached to think about their futures—what their careers will entail and how they can achieve their goals. As... Read More

CityLAB: Berlin – An International Campus of Norwich University

Thomas Lessard ’17, Chris Schwenck ’17, and Katie Allen ’17 stand in front of a former squatted house. “A squat in Berlin means typically that (mostly) students/artists moved illegally into abandoned, run-down houses and apartment buildings,” says Christian Dengler, CityLAB:Berlin director. Often adorned with the graffiti of the inhabitants, squats serve as a reminder of the city’s post-unification counterculture. (Courtesy of CityLAB:Berlin.)

Norwich has partnerships with many international institutions. What sets CityLAB:Berlin apart is that it is a full-fledged satellite campus of Norwich University. IT HAS BEEN CALLED a micro-campus of Norwich... Read More

From One Hill to Another

Experiential learning in our nation’s capital helps prepare the next generation of Norwich leaders. “There’s a situation developing in the East China Sea. Go!” With that, 15 Norwich University... Read More

Four of a Kind: The DeSilvio Family Legacy

By Diana L. Weggler. Neither Nick nor Christine DeSilvio attended Norwich, but together they have created an astonishing Norwich legacy. This year, four of their five children are enrolled at Norwich.... Read More

Lab Report – Nine Norwich Labs and the People Behind Them

From genetic engineering to digital forensics to the plays of Harold Pinter, campus labs across the sciences, professional disciplines, and humanities showcase the talent, curiosity, and impact of Norwich... Read More

The “Search” in Research

“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” – Socrates. By Jacque E. Day and Jane Dunbar. Humanities: Where the Search Begins. It is a well-documented, nationwide trend that... Read More

Forces of Nature

From space, Hurricane Maria looks almost tranquil, like a flower. But it is a very different scene on the Earth’s surface for Tara Lyons ’16 and Michael Kelley ’06, who have taken refuge with their... Read More