A Silicon Valley Startup Aims High. Story and Photography by Sean Markey. Saul Costa ’14 and Lauren Wyatt ’14 believed their fledgling company, Codevolve, could transform online tech education.... Read More

A MODEL CITIZEN: Shaili Patel ’16

By Jacque E. Day. “Rough hands, covered in ridges and valleys with small mountains, show pride in making. They are the hands of makers.” – Shaili Patel ’16. When Shaili Patel ’16 completes a... Read More


In the fall 2016 issue, we shared stories of leaders in the Norwich family who are working, each in his or her own way, to make the world a better place. In that spirit we are delighted to bring you this... Read More

In Their Shoes

“No leader is perfect, and don’t try to be.” – Sarah Patchem Cipov ’98. “Risk is necessary for growth …” – Hillary P. Britch-Hedberg ’07. “It can be lonely at the top, but the friends... Read More

LEADERSHIP PROFILES: Stories from Our Own Ranks

(Courtesy of NCIS)

The fall 2016 issue of the Record introduces the Year of Leadership, the third theme in our five-year commemoration of our bicentennial in 2019. In that spirit, we are delighted to share these stories... Read More

2015 – 2016 Annual Report

The 2015 – 2016 Annual Report has been published as part of the fall 2016 Norwich Record. Now, it reaches thousands more alumni, family and friends of Norwich University. The fall issue has been... Read More

Classroom Fusion

In his junior-level electronics lab, Prairie helps Artmiz Golkaramnay and Tim Clemens prepare their correctly configured amplifier for unveiling.

Professor Mike Prairie ’83, Engineering with a Musical Ear, by Jacque E. Day with photos by Mark Collier. The energy is buoyant in Mike Prairie’s Monday afternoon junior-level electronics lab. Grouped... Read More

Let the Music Speak

The Mounted Band How do you play a sousaphone on horseback? If this question has never occurred to you, you’re not alone. But to the members of the Norwich University Regimental Band in this 1937 photo, to play on horseback was a privilege and unquestioned duty. Do you remember the Mounted Band? Send your recollections to

The Norwich Story, in Music, by Diana L. Weggler and Jacque E. Day. Hans Christian Andersen famously wrote, “Where words fail, sounds can often speak,” and how right he was. Music transforms. It wields... Read More


William Carter ’52 (far right) has performed across the globe as part of the International Alphorn Society. The ensemble leader is Ted Schlosberg (second from right), who recorded the now-famous alphorn track for the Ricola commercial series. In July 2013, the group gave a performance welcoming the world’s first solar-powered airplane, the Swiss Solar Impulse, at JFK International Airport. At Norwich Carter played the tuba, making him a lifelong Zoobie tubist. (Courtesy of William Carter ’52.)

How Music Transformed Me, by Norwich Alumni. According to Norwich lore, the Regimental Band earned its legendary moniker in the 1920s. It was, after all, the Jazz Age, when musicians ruled and parties... Read More

The Travelers

The Travelers were a 1960s-era folk-singing group of Norwich students, drawing strong influence from the Kingston Trio, Brothers Four, and the Limeliters. At the encouragement of then-NU musical director... Read More