Jacque Day in front of Kreitzberg Library. One Norwich. Eddie Habeck ’99 makes this his punctuating statement in his column on page 39, and there is great wisdom to it. As Norwich University approaches... Read More


Jacque Day in front of Kreitzberg Library. Have you ever lassoed a lizard? Used infrared to see the painting beneath the painting? Studied the personalities of fish? If that sounds cool, it’s because... Read More

The President’s View – Spring 2018

People often talk about the future as if it were an elusive, unquantifiable concept, something that just sort of “happens” without our having much, if any, control over it. Nothing could be further... Read More

The President’s View – Winter 2018

It is no secret that enrollments at colleges and universities all over the United States are down. In fact, they have been in a steady, downward trend for five straight years. The main cause of this decline... Read More

Your Letters – Spring 2018

A DEEPENING CONNECTION Last fall, my wife and I attended our third Parent and Family Weekend at Norwich University, to mark the fifteenth year of my son’s graduation. (MAJ Nicholas Milkovich is currently... Read More

Your Letters – Winter 2018

More on Gordon Hay The winter 2017 edition of the Record was engaging for its news from the Hill, the emphasis on leadership, and the class notes. However, it also brought a crushing notice about the death... Read More

News From the Hill: Schneider Named Vermont Citizen of the Year

Now, That’s Presidential! Pictured, the award presented to President Schneider, who was named the 2017 Vermont Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year. On November 16, more than 200 friends, family,... Read More

News From the Hill – Winter 2018

Little Army-Navy Game: The “Mug” Recommissioned. Angelo Cofield ’18 enters Sabine Field bearing the U.S. Coast Guard flag. The game ended in a 13-9 win for the Coast Guard. In a post-game ceremony,... Read More

NU Newsmakers

Answer! Johnny Trutor, a member of Norwich University’s Information Technology Services team, is appearing as a contestant on Jeopardy! Catch his first episode—and hopefully not his last—on March... Read More

Munn ’81 Honored

The Office of Alumni Relations has created a new award to recognize generous, enthusiastic, and ongoing efforts that support and build alumni-to-alumni connections and/or alumni-to-student relations. In... Read More