Spinning the Record – Fall 2015

The way knowledge is acquired is being altered before our very eyes. The Aristotelian model of sitting at the feet of the master no longer applies. Further, information formerly found only amid musty... Read More

Spinning the Record – Summer 2015

It goes without saying that without water there would be no life as we know it. Found in every cell in our bodies, the tasteless, odorless, colorless compound of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom comprises... Read More

Spinning The Record – Spring 2015

Every issue of the Record proves to be a humbling experience. No matter how hard I try to avoid errors, something inevitably slips past me and my staff. The winter 2015 (Vietnam) issue was no exception.... Read More

Spinning The Record – Winter 2015

From 1964 to 1973, some 3.4 million GIs served in the war in Southeast Asia. Throughout those ten years, and in the decades that followed, the American people were affected in different ways and to different... Read More

Spinning the Record – Fall 2014

Summer is marked by graduations, weddings, and family reunions. This past June I was able to participate in two such happy occasions: the wedding of my brother and the high-school graduation of my niece. My... Read More

Spinning the Record – Summer 2014

My knowledge of firearms is limited to 1980s TV classics like MacGyver and Magnum, P.I., so I asked Bill Clements, Dean of NU’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies, to give me a brief tutorial. The... Read More

Spinning the Record – Spring 2014

Two summers ago, I had the privilege of hosting four students from mainland China at my home for ten days. All middle-schoolers, they were about to enter ninth grade that fall in their home city of Chongqing,... Read More

Spinning the Record – Winter 2014

One of my favorite books from my youth is The Little Prince, the fanciful tale of a pilot who crashes in the Sahara and develops a friendship with a young prince from another planet. Written and illustrated... Read More


One warm Saturday morning in May, as my husband and I sat out in our front yard enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee, we noticed a tiny chickadee busily pecking at something underneath the lilac bush. Upon... Read More


A couple years ago I stopped cooking— literally. After more than 30 years spent slaving over a hot stove, preparing meals for my family had become a mundane and uninspired duty carried out day after... Read More