The President’s View – Spring 2015

Nursing education at Norwich did not originate on the Hill; it began at Vermont College and became part of our academic offerings after the merger in 1972. And because caregiving is at the heart of Norwich’s... Read More

The President’s View – Winter 2015

President Schneider (right) as a young officer during an inspection, USCGC Dallas.

President Schneider (right) as a young Coast Guard officer during an inspection aboard the USCGC Dallas. From September 1969 through March 1970 I served aboard the USCGC Dallas (WHEC-716) in the Gulf... Read More

The President’s View – Fall 2014

A new academic year is under way, and what a start it has been. By the time you read this, many of you will have just returned from Homecoming, where we officially launched the “Forging the Future”... Read More

The President’s View – Summer 2014

The history of tactical weapons training at Norwich University dates back to the early days of the American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy, when the State of Vermont loaned muskets to Captain... Read More

The President’s View – Spring 2014

Those of you familiar with Norwich history may recognize the couple on this issue’s cover as General I.D. White, Class of 1922, and his wife, Julia. The image is a detail of a hand-painted scroll presented... Read More

The President’s View – Winter 2014

Alden Partridge was a strong proponent of the citizen soldier ethos; therefore it is no surprise that Norwich would be the birthplace of ROTC. Over the last 22 years it has been my pleasure as president... Read More


Captain Alden Partridge, founder of Norwich University, had a great appreciation for the natural world. As a boy growing up in 18th-century New Hampshire, he spent much of his time hiking and exploring... Read More


When you return to The Hill this fall for Homecoming, expect to see major enhancements. The University is currently undergoing $42 million worth of construction projects as we prepare for our 200th anniversary... Read More


Innovation has always been a part of Norwich University’s identity. When Captain Alden Partridge founded the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy in 1819, he introduced a model of education... Read More


We lost a great friend and member of the Norwich family with the passing of Loring Hart last October. Loring was a beloved educator and administrator who left his mark on many students over his 25 years... Read More