Scholarship News

CDT/2LT Delaney Welch ’15, recipient of the USS Montpelier Scholarship. (Photo: Mark Collier.)

Former Crewmembers of the “Mighty Monty” Pull for NU The Second USS Montpelier (CL-57), a Cleveland Class Light Cruiser known as the “Mighty Monty,” fought fiercely in the Pacific Campaign during... Read More

200 Things About Norwich

Did you know that Clemson University was founded by Thomas Clemson, NU Class of 1825? Or that the world’s first large-scale, alternating current electric plant was built at Niagara Falls by Edward Adams,... Read More

Commemoration Committees Off and Running!

The committees responsible for planning and creating Norwich’s bicentennial commemoration have been at work for the past nine months. About 80 volunteers representing alumni, students, faculty, and staff... Read More

2015-2016: The Year of Transformation

Norwich University’s five-year countdown to its bicentennial is celebrating the themes and values that define how NU students, alumni, faculty, and staff impact the world. We began with the Year of Service.... Read More

Club & Chapter News – Summer 2015

Catching Up with NU Clubs From Coast to Coast It’s hard to keep up with NU Clubs: They are everywhere, doing everything—from cheering on professional hockey teams on the West Coast to placing flags... Read More


At right: Laid up in 1950, the S.S. Norwich Victory was reactivated in 1969 for the Vietnam War. Grounded at Da Nang in October of that year, she was refloated and towed to Yokosuka, sold at auction, and... Read More

Spinning the Record – Summer 2015

It goes without saying that without water there would be no life as we know it. Found in every cell in our bodies, the tasteless, odorless, colorless compound of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom comprises... Read More

The President’s View – Summer 2015

As I write this column, we have just finished wrapping up a three-month, 23-city tour to generate support among members of the Norwich family for the future of our University. At each venue we presented... Read More

Your Letters – SUMMER 2015

Oversight or Omission? I enjoyed your article on Norwich nurses; however, I’m concerned that you omitted a few of the “original” nursing students when the program began. Seeing how Robert... Read More


Cadets Shane Parcels (left) and Giovanni Gutierrez appear on Fox 8 New Orleans. Watch the video. (Courtesy of Fox 8 New Orleans.) Norwich University’s legendary Shock Platoon returned to Tulane University,... Read More