NORWICH LEGACY PROFILE: A Tree Grows at Norwich – The Passalacqua Family

Passalacqua Patriarchs Samuel ’54 (kneeling) and Dominick’55 became the first brothers inducted into Norwich’s Athletic Hall of Fame for football. Like father, like son. And daughter, cousin, sister,... Read More

Roll of Honor – Winter 2018

In Memoriam Head Librarian Ann Turner retired in 1990 after nearly 30 years of service to Norwich University. Ann Turner, Head Librarian Emerita Intrepid for Knowledge March 19, 1925 – July 13, 2017 When... Read More

In Their Own Words – Winter 2018

A Life’s Legacy of Teaching: Professor Mich Kabay. Professor Mich Kabay. When Professor Michel “Mich” Kabay joined the faculty of Norwich University’s Computer Security and Information Assurance... Read More

Book Report ✯ Winter 2018

Litera Scripta Manet ROBERT WILLIAM CHRISTIE ’44 Litera Scripta Manet is the latest meditation by Bob Christie ’44, a WWII tank platoon commander who went on to become a physician, medical research... Read More

Citizens & Soldiers: The First 200 Years of Norwich History

Bestselling author Alex Kershaw has written nine books, three of them New York Times bestsellers. Born and raised in England, he has lived in the U.S. for 23 years. In 2015 he was commissioned by Norwich... Read More

The “Search” in Research

“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” – Socrates. By Jacque E. Day and Jane Dunbar. Humanities: Where the Search Begins. It is a well-documented, nationwide trend that... Read More

Forces of Nature

From space, Hurricane Maria looks almost tranquil, like a flower. But it is a very different scene on the Earth’s surface for Tara Lyons ’16 and Michael Kelley ’06, who have taken refuge with their... Read More