Corrections: Summer 2015 Issue

In the summer 2015 issue of the Record, an ad on page 45 stated that 22 Norwich men died in Vietnam. It has been brought to our attention that there were at least 23, and possibly more. William “Billy” Aiken, Class of 1972, was the last Norwich casualty to be returned home from Vietnam. We are currently researching others. If you know of someone who should be included among Norwich’s Vietnam dead but is not listed below, please contact Laurie J. LaMothe, Director of Planned Giving, at 802-485-2028 or

Richard W. Ellison ’43
Ralph W. Caspole ’56
Stephen R. Porcella ’57
Charles E. Sauer ’58
Paul D. Barthiaume ’59
John H. Joyce ’59
Lawrence D. Woods ’59
Walter N. Levy ’63
Frank A. D’Amico ’64
Freeman A. Carr ’64
David K. Hight ’64
Arthur E. Wright III ’64
Richard P. Rand ’65
Stephen D. Carr ’66
John Godfrey ’66
John A. Jablonski ’66
John P. Lyon ’66
Frederick S. Sherwin ’66
Philip C. Benn ’67
Vernon F. Hovey III ’68
Joseph A. Silva ’68
Richard J. Gray ’69
William Aiken ’72

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