Crossing Disciplines: Winding Paths to Success

The ability to cross disciplines has long been a sign of intelligence and creativity. Captain Alden Partridge, Norwich University’s original cross-disciplinarian, saw the value in the intersection of disciplines in cultivating more thoughtful citizens—so much so that that he built his American System of Education on that very principle. Interdisciplinarity is woven into the fabric of this institution, producing creative thinkers who bring diverse and seemingly unrelated skill sets together to solve problems, reach goals, and transform failures into successes. Here are the stories of five Norwich alumni who made the most of life’s unexpected turns. – J.E.D.


Less than two years out of school, Mark Chapman ’14 found himself in Afghanistan as the lead advisor to a colonel.
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As a young college graduate, Bobby Carroll ’97 headed west on an ambitious path that would land him on Wall Street.
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After high school, Ashley (Sanford) Molinaro ’10 knew one thing for certain: She wanted to help people.
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Brian Gosselin ’10 entered Norwich in 2006 with grand plans, but detours would steer him away from the Hill, then lead him back.
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Kevin Hancock ’01 learned a lot of calculus at Norwich, but one thing he didn’t learn was how to use a tape measure.
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