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Good Advice for Employers

Each year, fresh college graduates are eager to land their first jobs; meanwhile, employers are trying to place the right people in the right positions. Often there is more supply than demand, so a selective hiring process is the best insurance your new employee possesses the right skill set for their position. Enter the Norwich University graduate: your solution to your search for quality applicants in a pool of many.

Norwich graduates have spent four years learning what it means to “expect challenge, achieve distinction” and they follow a code of honor. So, if you are a prospective employer, why Hire Norwich First? Because it might just be your best investment yet! The birthplace of ROTC, Norwich University has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1819, and is imbued with the culture of the citizen-soldier. Norwich students are sworn to an honor code from the day they arrive, and over their undergraduate careers they develop traits common to many successful leaders—discipline, integrity, confidence, loyalty, and honor. They are challenged with opportunities which require them to overcome obstacles and improve themselves in ways they never thought possible.

Still not convinced? Norwich University isn’t for everyone. The challenge is hard but the concept is simple enough: hard work now may make life a little easier down the road. Norwich graduates are self-starters who require little supervision once given a task; you can count on the work being completed on time and within budget. The Norwich motto, “I Will Try,” is instilled in every student, and is what sets Norwich graduates apart from every other applicant in the résumé pile. Alumni, what are you waiting for? Contact the NU Career and Internship Center at 802-485-2125, or email careers@norwich.edu for more information and general questions. If you (or your employer) have internships or summer jobs available, please contact Jim Graves at 802-485-2269 or jgraves1@norwich.edu. And “Hire Norwich First.” You won’t regret it!

Norwich Forever!

Jeff Ogden
On behalf of the NUAA

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