Looking Back ✯ SPRING 2016

NU versus Castleton, 1986

(Photo by Homer Smith, courtesy of NU Archives.)

Wally Baines started the Norwich men’s lacrosse program in 1968, was inducted into the NU Athletics Hall of Fame in 1987, retired in 1988, and died in 2012. (Photo by Homer Smith, courtesy of NU Archives.)

Do you remember a special coach from your time on the Hill? A person whose influence reached far beyond the playing fields? Coach Wallace “Maj” Baines, pictured above, was just such an individual. Stories about Maj’s 20 years at Norwich abound, such as this one from former NU lacrosse player Mark Dahm ’83: “At one practice, Maj kept running an offensive play, which we couldn’t get right. In a desperate attempt to score, an attacker, who was known for being a little clumsy, cut hard to the cage looking for a feed, tripped, and started to fall. The goalie stepped calmly aside, and the runaway attacker fell into the goal, knocked it over, and began to flounder like a fish, his helmet caught in the net. Maj tried to keep his composure but was laughing so hard inside that his big blue eyes flooded with tears. He blew his whistle and told us to take a couple laps so he could pull himself back together.”

Did a Norwich coach or other mentor transform you? Send your story to record@norwich.edu.

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