Winter Carnival Formal, circa 1978 —
For decades, the crowning of the Winter Carnival queen was the highlight of Winter Carnival. Although this bygone tradition seems quaint by 21st-century standards, at the time it cast a dreamy, romantic aura over its youthful participants. In this photo, Audrey Winch ’79, a first-year Vermont College student in their Associate’s Degree program, is being crowned by President Loring Hart, while her date, sophomore Kenny Cull ’80, looks nervously at the camera. When asked what she remembers about this moment, Audrey recalled, “Oh the memories! We had just started dating prior to that Winter Carnival. I remember thinking, ‘this is crazy … I am just a freshman. How could I possibly be selected?’” Then she added, “The picture makes me smile. President Hart was such a kind, gentle man.” Although Loring Hart is no longer with us, this royal couple’s romance continues to thrive: Last May the Culls celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Audrey still keeps the tiara in her bedside table drawer.

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