Looking Back – Winter 2014

Skijoring: circa 1917 and 1975

Skijoring, 1917
Skijoring, 1975
Over the years, Norwich students have found various ways of amusing themselves during the long Vermont winters. In bygone days, when horses ruled The Hill, skijoring was a popular activity. Later, when Norwich boasted the largest on-campus ski facility in the country, students enjoyed being pulled briskly along behind the trail groomer. Today, inner tubes have replaced cafeteria trays as the vehicle of choice for propelling oneself down Paine Mountain. Two traditional outdoor winter activities that have recently made a comeback are sledding and snowshoeing: Members of the Norwich community are now able to borrow Mad River Rocket™ sleds and snowshoes free of charge for recreating at the Shaw Outdoor Center on the old ski hill. As long as there is snow in Vermont, there is no excuse not to get outside and have some fun. What unorganized winter activities did you enjoy as a student? Send your stories to record@norwich.edu.

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