Women’s Basketball, circa 19(??)  

This photo of Vermont College students playing basketball illustrates just a few of the changes that have occurred in women’s basketball in the last 50 years. Note the spiffy gym uniforms: white button-down shirts underneath colored “pinnies,” navy blue Bermuda shorts, crew socks, and tennis shoes. In addition, it appears that the version of basketball these young women are playing features six players per side: three “forwards” and three “guards.” Forwards were only allowed on the offensive half of the court, and guards were only allowed on the defensive half (lest the players overexert themselves by running back and forth the full length of the court). The ball could be dribbled only three times before it had to be passed, and the referee would call for a “jumped ball” after each score. Can you identify anyone in this photo or tell us approximately when it was taken? What are your memories of playing women’s sports in the pre–Title IX era?  – Editor

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