Looking Back – Fall 2015

March to Fort Ticonderoga, 1985

(NU Archives / photo by Homer E. Smith.)

(NU Archives / photo by Homer E. Smith.)

Under the tutelage of Captain Alden Partridge, 19th-century Norwich cadets earned a reputation for their marching abilities and pedestrian achievements. Indeed, high on the list of Captain Partridge’s educational priorities were military marches and pedestrian excursions for both their scientific and recreational value. One of the first educators to emphasize the need for training both the body and the mind, Partridge was also one of the first to put this ideology into practice. These Partridge-led expeditions are well documented, and traveling 50 miles on foot in a single day was not unusual.

Although today’s student body no longer embarks on such lengthy excursions en masse, in October 1985, Norwich staged a reenacted march to Fort Ticonderoga. Dressed in period uniforms and toting historical gear, weapons, and equipment, the group marched 79 miles over four days, fired a salute at Fort Ticonderoga in honor of Alden Partridge, and boarded a bus back to Northfield.

Were you among the intrepid travelers who marched to New York State 30 falls ago? Send your memories to record@norwich.edu. –d.l.w.

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