NORWICH UNIVERSITY TRACK AND FIELD, CIRCA 1967 The earliest mention of a track team on the Hill comes from a 1900 edition of The Reveille (the precursor to The Record). One article talks about whether NU should have a track team, and another one states, “The track team is at last in strict training, and manager [Cadet Major Charles Edward] Wheatley ’01 is trying to arrange a meet with some other college.” Prior to the 1920s, Norwich’s track schedule was spotty at best, no doubt due to the unpredictability of Vermont springs, a lack of local competition, and the daunting challenges posed by early 20th-century modes of transportation. This photo of a long-jumper in mid-leap was taken during the halcyon days of Norwich Track, when Roland “Lefty” Lyford coached the squad, and the team competed against Bates, Plattsburgh, Colby, Brandeis, Middlebury, WPI, RPI, Nichols, St. Michael’s, and UVM. Norwich’s indoor track program was discontinued in 1997–98, and its outdoor program two years later.   – Editor

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