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nuaa_logoCitizen. Soldier.

Alden Partridge partnered these terms to create the citizen-soldier concept that has become the hallmark of Norwich University and the heritage—or inheritance—that Partridge gave the Norwich community.

The legacy of the citizen-soldier begins each fall as a new class of students arrives and takes on the mantle of service that rests on the shoulders of us all. While at Norwich, students study the citizen-soldier process, and we alumni can speak to the quality of that education.

That legacy does not stop at graduation. For the past 196 years, Norwich alumni have provided the quintessential evidence of Partridge’s successful vision. In addition to strong military leadership, alumni have been leaders in all walks of life, including the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. So while you can easily find “big names” on the long list of graduates, the University’s legacy truly rests on those unsung alumni who make a difference each day in their communities.

All of this points to one important and enduring principle: legacy matters.

Legacy matters because the reputation of Norwich is that of an active, engaged body of individuals who work to make a difference in the lives of those around them. While many will not boast, most alumni can look back and remember a time when he or she made a difference in the life of someonewhether as a coach, mentor, volunteer, parent, or family member. Being active in our communities allows others to learn about both Norwich and its alumni, discovering that we are people who embody values designed to make a difference in the world around us. More than book learning, a Norwich education builds a person’s character and creates leaders in society who continuously give back to our alma mater, thereby allowing Norwich to share its legacy with future generationsjust as it has for nearly 200 years.

As we move toward the University’s bicentennial in 2019, we will have many opportunities to continue Partridge’s legacy. Each year in the countdown to the bicentennial has a theme that encourages every member of the Norwich family to participate in sharing how the legacy lives on through all of us. The Year of Service was the first theme and we are now in the Year of Transformation. Take stock in where your life’s path has taken you as a result of your Norwich experience and reflect on how you can pay that forward. Consider sharing your story, your time, or your experience with current or prospective students, their families, and other Norwich alumni. The Norwich legacy lies in your capable hands.


Michelle Kanavos ’81
On behalf of the NUAA Board of Directors

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