News from the NUAA – Summer 2017


“We call them leaders because they go first. We call them leaders because they take the risk before anyone else does. We call them leaders because they choose to sacrifice so that their people may be safe.”

–Martin Sinek, author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

When we talk about leadership, what do we mean? Do we think solely of the bosses who run businesses? Or maybe we think about the men and women who wear uniforms and operate on the front lines each day, ensuring military and public safety. However you define “leadership,” we can agree that the very best leaders transform us in some way. Transformational leaders actively listen to and engage with those around them; they inspire and motivate great change—not just in individuals themselves, but within their organizations as well. Above all else, transformational leaders make a lasting impact on the world.

Who, then, better exemplifies a transformational leader than Captain Alden Partridge?

Having had the courage to challenge popular norms of the time, Captain Partridge has provided Norwich students and alumni with an enduring system of education and a set of values that continue to transform all who embrace them. Norwich University would not exist, let alone survive for nearly 200 years, without Captain Partridge’s vision for reimagining American education as it was known in the 19th century. Unappreciated at the time, he faced great challenges in pushing his concept forward. Norwich University would not have become a reality had he given in to the dissent of those around him. Instead, he exhibited those now-familiar leadership traits that still resonate with Norwich graduates: passion, inspiration, creativity, commitment, courage, a sense of purpose, and above all else, perseverance.

The Norwich University Alumni Association (NUAA) seeks to further Captain Partridge’s leadership legacy by promoting the Norwich experience and bond that exists between the university and its alumni. As NUAA Board members, we proudly champion Captain Partridge’s vision and guiding values through development and promotion of programs designed to further his legacy.

Each of us leads in his or her own way; and collectively, our actions make a positive difference in the lives of others—both during and after our time at Norwich. As we transition from the Year of Leadership to the Year of Legacy, we encourage you to take action in your class, your university, and your community, and to make a difference wherever and whenever you can. For information on how to stay involved in the Norwich community, visit the NUAA website at

Tim Finamore, ’85, M’03, P’14
President, NU Alumni Association


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