Norwich Made Me …

Norwich Made Me…excited about teaching.

Professor Rowly Brucken

(Photo by Mark Collier.)

“With a commitment to free inquiry, critical thinking, and the application of scholarship, Norwich strives to educate the entire person. Unique among educational institutions, Norwich promotes the ideal of the citizen-soldier. The ability to form and defend educated opinions, engage in public service, and be a community leader are hallmarks of citizen-soldiers. I enjoy the opportunity to teach, nurture, question, and challenge my students. These opportunities excite me every day and allow me to learn from my students. Their areas of service may differ from mine, but we are united in trying to improve our country while protecting its core human rights promises.”
Professor Rowland Brucken, History and Political Science

Norwich Made Me…a research advisor.

Professor Karen Hinkle

(Courtesy of Danielle LaCavalla.)

“Since starting at Norwich in 2003, I have mentored 29 students in undergraduate research projects; these students have presented their work at regional and national conferences, and many have gone on to research careers in the biomedical sciences. Teaching through research mentoring is one of my favorite things about being a professor at Norwich, as I truly get to witness the intellectual transformation of students. They enter the lab with a ‘textbook’ understanding of science, but leave as scientists who understand how to test hypotheses, communicate scientific information, and work through challenges to discover things that no one else has ever known.”
Professor Karen Hinkle, Biology

Norwich Made Me…appreciate other cultures.

(Courtesy of Taylor Nash ’19.)

(Courtesy of Taylor Nash ’19.)

“Norwich really did make me appreciate other cultures. I would not have been able to travel to Tanzania without Norwich’s Center for Civic Engagement NUVISIONS Abroad program. They introduced me to a new side of the globe and a new side of life. Being an international studies major, I am often asked to look at the world through the eyes of others. Because of my trip to Tanzania with Norwich, I am able to bring my personal experiences with other cultures into the classroom.”
Taylor Nash ’19, International Studies

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