NU Newsmakers

Thanks to Bob Ayers ’64 for alerting us to the Vermont Burlington Free Press cover story of July 3, 2017, recognizing Bill O’Neil ’65 for his long-standing career as Essex Junction High School’s well-respected hockey and soccer coach. O’Neil retired after 44 years of coaching.

If you’ve ever thought, “I’d like to know more about Joe Milano ’66,” the Boston Globe has got you covered with the September 2, 2017, story, “Five things you should know about Joe Milano.”

The story of Matthew Pierce ’19’s return to Norwich after a one-year hiatus, during which he bravely battled cancer, will humble and inspire. Matthew arrived back on the Hill last spring, and went on to achieve a 4.0 GPA that semester. This fall, he began his junior year as a platoon sergeant. Read about Matthew’s courageous journey in the Fall Rivers, Mass., Herald News story, “Young ‘honorary Marine’ who battled cancer thriving at military college.”

Martin “Marty” Gordon ’78 reflects on the transition between high school football and the college team at Norwich in the October 9, 2017, Sports Illustrated article, “A Town, A Team, and Football.”

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