Oath Ceremony

In late September, incoming students gathered on the Upper Parade to participate in an Oath Ceremony to pledge to uphold the principles of Norwich University. As part of the Oath, rooks and incoming civilians alike promise to accept and apply the principles of the Norwich honor code and guiding values. Their recitations conclude with: “In all my endeavors from this day forth I will reflect in the spirit of the Norwich motto: ‘I Will Try.’”

The Oath Ceremony is a long-standing Norwich tradition. Corps and civilians participate jointly, a “beginning” that cultivates unity across the student body.

The incoming rooks form in ranks to be administered the Cadet Oath by the regimental commander, c/COL Timothy Weinhold ’18.





Members of the incoming civilian class of 2021 take the Oath on the Upper Parade, administered by their senior orientation coordinator, Eboni Burton ’18.

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