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Carol Todd in 1983, when she founded the Norwich University Center for Volunteer Administration. (NU Archives.)

Carol Todd in 1983, when she founded the Norwich University Center for Volunteer Administration. (NU Archives.)

In Memoriam

Carol Todd: Servant to the World
May 24, 1928 – December 16, 2015

Caroline “Carol” Foster Wyeth Todd of Northfield, Vt., and Duxbury, Mass., will long be remembered for dedicating her life to service.

Raised in Beverly, Mass., Carol graduated from Smith College prior to completing a management training program at Radcliffe. She entered the workforce briefly and then married her high school sweetheart, Army Lt. W. Russell Todd ’50, in 1952.

During her husband’s long military career, Carol became deeply involved in Army life, volunteering for and supporting countless military and community organizations—Army thrift shops and hospitals, the Boy and Girl Scouts, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society, to name a few. During General Todd’s final Army assignment, Carol was asked by the Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Europe, to help bring effective volunteer management practices to 74 Army Community Services Centers across Europe. Ever gracious, she managed all of this while moving 29 times and raising three children. For her work, Carol received the U.S. Army Certificate of Appreciation for Patriotic Service.

The years 1982 to 1992 were spent at Norwich, where Carol became a driving force for good. She founded and directed the Norwich University Center for Volunteer Administration, the first such center in the nation dedicated to training administrators of volunteer programs. She was also instrumental in establishing the nation’s first Peace Corps Prep Program, which she also directed. In addition, she served as president of the Friends of the Libraries and chair of the Museum Associates. In 1993 Norwich University recognized Carol’s manifold contributions by awarding her an honorary Doctor of Public Administration. Three years later, she was the recipient of the coveted Board of Fellows Outstanding Service Medallion. In recent years, Carol served on the board of the eponymous Todd Lecture Series, helping bring world-class speakers to campus.

The president and first lady of Norwich greet members of the Norwich community at an inaugural reception in 1992. (NU Archives.)

The president and first lady of Norwich greet members of the Norwich community at an inaugural reception in 1992. (NU Archives.)

As energetic in Northfield and the state as she was at Norwich, Carol co-chaired the fundraising committee to expand the Northfield Public Library, was an active member of the Northfield Ladies Reading Circle, and served on the boards of the Vermont Historical Society and Northfield Historical Society, among other groups. She served three successive governors of Vermont as chair of the Governor’s Commission on Volunteers as well as on Vermont’s Commission on National Service.

Carol’s selfless acts of volunteerism landed her on the national stage when, in 1990, she chaired the Vermont delegation at President George H. W. Bush’s governors’ conference on The Points of Light in Washington, D.C. In 1996 Carol was chosen to carry the U.S. Olympic torch through a portion of Vermont.

Of her tireless service, President Schneider said, “Carol Todd was an inspirational first lady of Norwich when MG Todd served as president, but she was much more than that. She was one of Norwich’s most dedicated and loyal supporters and advocates. Her leadership and can-do spirit will be greatly missed.”

Persons wishing to honor Carol’s unparalleled legacy of service may direct gifts in her memory to the Caroline W. Todd Endowed Fund for Civic Engagement at Norwich University, c/o Development Office, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, Vermont 05663.


The following list reflects notifications of deceased Norwich family members received by the university from October 23, 2015 through January 14, 2015. Full obituaries, when available, can be viewed online at To inform the university of the passing of a member of the Norwich family, please contact Jessica Chauvin at 802-485-2034 or

1940 John A. Sparkes, 100, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., 12/6/2015 – Father of Jack ’69 Kenneth ’74 Sparkes
1943 Irene A. Anderson, 88, of Arlington, Va., 4/16/2014 – Widow of G. Norman Anderson ’43
1943 Allan F. Beck, 93, of Jupiter, Fla., 11/5/2015
1943 Irene A. Anderson, 88, of Arlington, Va., 4/16/2014 – Widow of G. Norman Anderson ’43
1944 Olive J. Schietinger, 93, of Houston, Texas, 4/1/2015 – Widow of Hubert Schietinger ’44
1945 (VC) Jean F. Rixford, of East Highgate, Vt., 10/29/2015
1949 Philip M. Folger, 89, of Salem, Mass., 11/9/2015
1949 Theodore T. Petroules,, 92, of Lowell, Mass., 1/4/2016
1949 Martin “Bud” Upmal, 86, of Springhill, Fla., 12/10/2015
1950 Robert “Jake” J. Glabicky, 86, of Marblehead, Mass., 12/10/2015
1950 Caroline W. Todd, 87, of Duxbury, Mass., 12/16/2015 – Wife of Major General W. Russell Todd ’50
1951 Frank S. Tarr, 84, of Danvers, Mass., 7/14/2013
1952 Lyle F. Peterson Jr., 85, of South Burlington, Vt., 12/24/2015
1952 C. Eugene Ruggeri, 84, of Tulsa, Okla., 12/24/2015
1953 LTC John B. Gillis, USA (Ret.), 84, of Gorham, Maine, 12/12/2015
1953 Raymond G. McCrum, 84, of Collins, Mo., 8/8/2015
1955 Denton E. Nichols, 81, of Walkersville, Md., 12/1/2015
1957 LTC Paul P. Chapman, USA (Ret.), 80, of Florissant, Mo., 9/26/2015
1957 John G. Oddy, 81, of Biddeford Pool, Maine, 11/25/2015
1960 Richard C. Fuller Jr., 78, of Bellows Falls, Vt., 10/26/2015
1960 Richard H. Negus, 78, of Dunwoody, Ga., 12/17/2015
1961 (VC) Susan R. Quinn, 74, of Hopedale, Mass., 12/21/2015
1962 LTC William F. Casey, USA (Ret.), 77, of Ballwin, Mo., 12/30/2015
1962 Robert J. Potvin, 77, of Cummaquid, Mass., 11/8/2015
1962 George J. Valhouli Jr., 77, of Cape Canaveral, Fla., 11/5/2015
1963 Edward C. Croteau, 66, of Methuen, Mass., 10/16/2008
1963 Eugene F. Long, 74, of Spring Township, Pa., 12/21/2015
1966 Diane Backry, 67, of Danvers, Mass., 5/3/2013 – Wife of Michael Backry ’66
1967 Frederick M. Vietor Jr., 71, of Lawrence, Mass., 12/15/2015
1968 John Ponzetti, 67, of Bridgeport, Conn., 9/26/2013
1970 Christopher Stone, 31, of Mt. Pleasant, S.C., 11/11/2015 – Son of Dennis Stone ’70
1972 (VC) Lynda D. McDermott, 63, of Rexford, N.J., 12/27/2015
1974 Michael J. Lynch, 62, of Springfield, Mass., 12/17/2015
1975 (VC) Kimberly A. Baganski, 57, of Providence, R.I., 2/3/2012
1975 Harlow F. DeForest, 88, of Kingston, N.Y., 1/10/2016 – Father of Alan DeForest ’75, Barry DeForest ’78, and grandfather of Danielle DeForest ’01 M’05
1978 Raymond N. Alvarez, 88, of Montpelier, Vt., 11/13/2015 – Father of James Alvarez ’78
1978 Ronald P. Ward, 80, of South Burlington, Vt., 8/26/2014 – Father of Jeffery Ward ’78
1979 (VC) Lynn Bradley Benjamin, 70, of Westbrook, Conn., 12/5/2015
1979 Elvera Van Orden, 85, of Leavenworth, Kan., 11/17/2015 – Mother of Mary (Van Orden) Bibb ’79 (wife of Andrew Bibb ’79), Ellen (Van Orden) Ammel (wife of LTC [Ret.] Michael Ammel ’78), and Ann (Van Orden) Bigay (wife of LTC Michael Bigay ’79)
1982 (VC) Carol Cuenod, 86, of San Francisco, Calif., 6/3/2015
1986 Dow A. Williamson, 51, of Warrenton, Va., 10/23/2015
1991 LTC Thomas M. Hawes, USA, 46, of San Antonio, Texas, 11/6/2015
1992 (VC) Gregory J. Harris, 59, of Vero Beach, Fla., 11/19/2015
1993 Janet M. Lydon, 68, of Taunton, Mass., 11/30/2015 – Mother of Joseph Lydon III ’93
1996 (VC) Dylan C. Croft, 63, of Norwich, Conn., 12/19/2014
2002 Rachel Nutting, 37, of Charlestown, N.H., 10/28/2015
2005 Matthew C. Converse, 32, of Penhook, Va., 12/3/2015
2006 Canaan J. “C.J.” Harvey, 31, of Troy, N.Y., 12/28/2015
2007 (CGCS) Larry A. Bloom, 65, of Houston, Texas, 12/23/2015
2007 (CGCS) LTC John K. Letherman Jr., USA (Ret.), 49, of Platte City, Mo., 12/29/2015
2008 (CGCS) Pedro L. Moore, 62, of Niantic, Conn., 1/18/2015
2015 (CGCS) James A. Haskins, 46, of Barrington, Ill., 8/19/2015

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