Roll of Honor – Fall 2017

In Memoriam

Charlie Lovelette ’65 as a senior.

Charles A. Lovelette ’65

The Spark of Chemistry
April 2, 1943 – April 11, 2017

Norwich University is fortunate that Charles “Charlie” Lovelette ’65’s life’s adventures included not one, but two stops on the Hill.

Born in Richford, Vt., a stone’s throw from the Canadian border, Charlie inherited a passion for fly fishing from his father, with whom he spent many childhood hours along the Missisquoi River. Science was a foregone conclusion for the bright young man, and he majored in chemistry at Norwich University, serving first as vice president then president of the German Club and graduating in 1965.

In the decade between graduation and his return to Norwich as a professor, Charlie served in Vietnam with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, earning the Bronze Star in 1970. He also completed a PhD in organic chemistry at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Now-retired senior vice president of academic affairs and dean of faculty, Professor Joe Byrne, served on the chemistry faculty with Charlie in those days and remembers his colleague’s dedication to his students and to research. “Many times we ate lunch together in the chemistry library in Cabot Science,” he reflects fondly. “This enabled many free-ranging discussions where we solved all of the problems of the day in science, with students, with administration, and with the world. He loved organic chemistry. He also loved hockey, and played pickup hockey with faculty and students any chance he could get. Charlie was an excellent colleague and valuable faculty member at Norwich.”

Charlie served on the Norwich faculty until 1987, and eventually his adventures took him southward to Georgia’s Columbus State University. He remained a lifelong avid outdoorsman, perfecting his form at fly fishing and competing in 5K races, often placing first in his age group.

Gene Sessions made valuable contributions to the great story of Vermont.

Gene Sessions, History Professor Emeritus:

Embracing Vermont’s Great Story
Sept. 16, 1937 – April 25, 2017

Many on the Hill remember Gene Sessions as a beloved history professor. He spent his life in passionate pursuit of history, making contributions to the great story of Vermont that will endure through the ages.

Born in Cleburne, Texas, he attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, completing a Master of Arts in History in 1963. Afterward, he served in the Army and worked as a reporter in Texas, moving northward to earn his PhD at the American University in Washington, D.C. He joined the Norwich faculty in 1974 and remained until his 1998 retirement, when he was named professor emeritus.

Glenn MacIntyre ’84 says his only regret is that he didn’t have more classes with Professor Sessions. “He really seemed to care about his students and made every effort to assist us in learning the history lessons,” Glenn reflects. “He was approachable and he always seemed to have a smile.”

Gene was heavily involved with the Vermont Historical Society, serving as editor of Vermont History. His award-winning writings include Years of Struggle: The Irish in the Village of Northfield, 1845–1900. He is also a primary author of the books Vermont Voices, 1609 through the 1990s, and Freedom and Unity: A History of Vermont, the latter considered the definitive history of the Green Mountain State.

Gene’s love for Vermont reached beyond the pages of a book. He gloried in Vermont’s physical environment and spent many hours outdoors kayaking, hiking, and cycling. In his later years, he enjoyed the view of Berlin Pond from the home he shared with his longtime partner, Norwich Psychology Professor Carole Bandy.

In 2014, he received the Vermont Historical Society President’s Award for his valuable and lasting contribution to the state’s history.

Roll of Honor

The following list reflects notifications of deceased Norwich family members received by the university from April 18, 2017, through July 12, 2017. Full obituaries, when available, can be viewed online at To inform the university of the passing of a member of the Norwich family, please contact the Alumni Office at 802-485-2100, or


1940 (VC) Rosendo Cueto, 87, of Montpelier, Vt., 12/23/2007

1943 Robert K. O’ Neill, 89, of Middleboro, Mass., 2/22/2010

1944 John R. Hall, 93, of Warminster, Pa., 7/7/2016

1947 John R. Grossi, 91, of Leominster, Mass., 4/28/2017

1948 (VC) James E. Sheridan, 85, of Montpelier, Vt., 11/7/2013

1950 Stowe Shoemaker, 88, of Birchrunville, Pa., 5/23/2017 – Father of Jane C. Martin ’77

1951 William J. Bidgood, 87, of Melrose, Mass., 5/20/2017

1951 Frederick P. Smith, 88, of Ocala, Fla., 6/2/2017

1952 James G. DeMayo, 87, of Trumbull, Conn., 6/19/2017 – Brother of Louis F. DeMayo ’65

1954 Robert E. Clarke, 85, of Severna Park, Md., 4/21/2017

1954 Charles C. Hauser Jr., 88, of Leechburg, Pa., 12/2/2016 – Father of Charles C. Hauser III ’79

1955 John A. Fiore, 83, of Revere, Mass., 8/27/2016

1956 (VC) Carol S. Topham, 81, of Brookfield, Vt., 1/13/2017 – Wife of John F. Topham ’57 and mother of Karen E. Hamblin ’79 (VC)

1957 LTC Robert L. Lemons, USA (Ret.), 80, of Falls Church, Va., 2/25/2017

1957 Herbert M. Shapiro, 81, of Chestnut Hill, Mass., 10/17/2016

1958 COL G. Robert Akam, USA (Ret.), 80, of Ormond Beach, Fla., 5/9/2017 – Father of COL Robert B. Akam ’85; cousin of LTC Edward S. Crosbie USA (Ret.) ’73

1960 Robert L. Warrick, 75, of Santee, S.C., 12/14/2013

1961 David S. Nock, 79, of Amesbury, Mass., 5/24/2017

1961 John E. Tannar, 80, of Natick, Mass., 4/14/2017

1961 COL Robert K. Samia, USA (Ret.), 82, of Worcester, Mass., 6/8/2017 – Brother of Roger G. Samia ’61

1962 (VC) Leslie P. Parkin, of Mattituck, N.Y., 6/20/2002

1962 (VC) Joyce P. Wilson, 66, of Tyngsboro, Mass., 8/16/2009

1965 George L. Kozak, 75, of Brockton, Mass., 7/2/2017 – Uncle to Brett
Anchukaitis ’16

1966 Thomas M. Curley, 73, of Barre Town, Vt., 5/5/2017

1966 Walter W. Pahl, 73, of New Port Richey, Fla., 5/8/2017

1972 MAJ Brian M. Andersen, USA, 53, of Sacramento, CA, 11/20/2003

1972 Gary H. Coe, 67, of West Palm Beach, Fla., 3/24/2017

1975 Charles J. Lyons Jr., 65, of Asher, Okla., 4/16/2017

1977 (VC) Pamela J. Pollock, 59, of East Montpelier, Vt., 6/3/2017 – Wife of William D. Pollock ’78

1978 & M’80 Jacalin W. Wilder, 80, of Brookfield, Vt., 3/23/2017 – Wife of Allen S. Wilder ’56

M’80 Barry L. Accornero, 66, of Huntington Beach, Calif., 5/22/2017

1982 Robert V. Robison, 63, of Virginia Beach, Va., 3/14/2017

1994 (VC) Donna L. Dallett, 56, of Montpelier, Vt., 4/23/2017

2010 Mallory Downs Ivanowsky, 28, of Lee, Mass., 6/26/2017 – Wife of Roger A. Ivanowsky ’09

2012 Keith J. Filipp, 54, of Whitefish, Mo., 5/8/2017

M’15 Henry E. Vazquez, 34, of Grovetown, Ga., 4/27/2017

Faculty, Staff & Friends

H’00 James F. Facos, 92, of Montpelier, Vt., 5/14/2017 – Professor Emeritus of English

Ervin J. Bell, 90, of Boulder, Colo., 12/1/2015 – Friend of the University

Thorleif G. Berntsen Jr., 83, of Allendale, N.J., 5/9/2017 – Father of Paul W.
Berntsen ’84

John G. Billingsley, 97, of Leeds, Mass., 6/5/2017 – Friend of the University

Nancy Braman, 74, of Pawleys Island, S.C., – Former Staff 2001–2005, Wife of COL Eric W. Braman, Assistant Commandant 1999–2004 and Mother of Matthew and William ’95

Joan P. Cruickshank, 87, of Burlington, Vt., 5/19/2017 – Former Staff

Louise J. Davis, 81, of Montpelier, Vt., 9/16/2012 – Professor Emeritus, Professor of Nursing, Widow to Frank M. Davis
’00 (VC)

Jennifer C. Downer, 48, of Hookett, N.H., 5/21/2017 – Wife of Michael E.
Downer ’90

Alden Guild, 87, of Montpelier, Vt., 1/13/2017 – Trustee Emeritus and Friend of the University

Gail L. Igo, 74, of Northfield, Vt., 6/19/2017 – Friend of the University

John B. Loether, 69, of Berlin, Mass., 8/22/2014 – Father of Travis T. Loether ’01

Judith P. Loether, 67, of Berlin, Mass., 6/2/2016 – Mother of Travis T. Loether ’01

Paul K. Manghi, 64, of East Montpelier, Vt., 2/3/2010 – Friend of the University

Jean A. Miles, 86, of Winthrop, Mass., 4/16/2017 – Widow of Frederick E.
Miles ’54

Daniel E. Mulholland, 74, of New York, N.Y., 9/22/2016 – Friend of the University

Nelson G. Ross, 78, of Hingham, Mass., 10/27/2016 – Friend of the University

Gene Sessions, 79, of Berlin, Vt., 4/25/2017 – Professor of History 1974–1998

Helen R. Schneider, 79, of Greenfield, Mass., 11/14/2016 – Widow of Norman Schneider ’57


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