ROLL OF HONOR – Summer 2015

Leroy C. Butler, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Watercolor Artist

April 27, 1938 – January 14, 2015
Roy Butler as he appeared in the 1979 War Whoop.

Roy Butler as he appeared in the 1979 War Whoop.

Leroy “Roy” Butler served Norwich University as a beloved chemistry professor from 1977 to 2005. Among his many and varied accomplishments, he collaborated on a unique, multi-year program to conduct water studies on Sanibel Island in Florida.

After retiring from academia, Roy continued his passion as an educator, volunteering at his grandchildren’s elementary schools. From farming to photography and woodworking to watercolors, Roy was always teaching, learning, exploring, creating, and growing.

The following tributes to Roy were penned by his former students.

“Leroy Butler was a very demanding but fair professor and a true friend during my time at Norwich. I will always remember playing ice hockey with him before we both ran off to make it to his organic chemistry lab each week. He was a great man and had a profound impact on me during our brief time together.”
~ Robert Davis ’99

“Professor Butler was one of the kindest professors I had the pleasure and honor of knowing. I’ll always remember how proud he was to have created a handy organic chemistry study guide before the Internet was born. I’ll also remember how nice he was to take some stranded students like myself on a trip to Hanover, N.H., to get some Indian food—a cultural experience many of us had for the first time.”
~ Cheryl Achilles ’93

An accomplished watercolor artist, Roy Butler illustrated a cookbook for the United Church in Northfield shortly before he died. It is available for purchase at the Northfield Pharmacy. (Photo: Diana Weggler.)

An accomplished watercolor artist, Roy Butler illustrated a cookbook for the United Church in Northfield shortly before he died. It is available for purchase at the Northfield Pharmacy. (Photo: Diana Weggler.)

“I remember Professor Butler and his take-home organic chemistry test that we all went to the library looking for books to help us with, only to find them all ‘missing’ on Professor Butler’s desk.”
~ Matthew Thornton ’94

“Professor Butler was quick with a smile, upbeat, and encouraging during academic struggles, and always available for help and consultation, often with great patience! His concern for our learning and understanding was always evident and greatly appreciated.”
~ Scott Ramsay ’89

“My fondest memory of Professor Butler was when I (somewhat sheepishly) approached him for help in getting the English Department to waive all of their prior class requirements so that I could gain access to a senior-level English course. He applied a little assistance (and then recommended a second course that sounded like it would also be good—advice I am happy to have taken) and told me that a good scientist is a good communicator, and that he would always be willing to help broaden the typical science education with the liberal arts. I believe we then had a cup of tea in his office. He profoundly affected my life in but a few short years.”
~ Christopher Arnold ’94


The following reflect death notifications received by the University through April 15, 2015. Full obituaries, when available, can be accessed online at

1940 Laurence N. D’Angelo, 97, of Brea, Calif., 8/14/2014

1941 Norman R. Stanley, 96, of Quincy, Mass., 2/15/2015

1942 MAJ Russell B. Sylvester, 93, of Ogden, Utah, 6/1/2014

1943 Donald R. Dowd, 93, of Niantic, Conn., 1/7/2015

1943 (VC) Janet G. Eaton, 90, of Sarasota, Fla., 2/19/2015

1946 Francis E. McIntire, 90, of Worcester, Mass., 3/7/2015

1947 David A. Tucker, 86, of Winter Park, Fla., 10/17/2012

1947 COL John “Jack” H. Adams, USA (RET.), 88, of Bristol, Conn., 4/1/2015

1951 COL William T. Edgett, USA (RET.), 85, of Ellington, Conn., 11/5/2014

1951 Royce M. Strickland Jr., 86, of Paradise Valley, Ariz., 2/16/2015

1951 John E. Farnham, 85, of Burlington, Vt., 3/16/2015

1951 Col Gordon W. Addy, USAF (RET.), 86, of Colleyville, Texas, 3/20/2015

1952 Richard F. Knobloch, 83, of Columbus, Ind., 1/27/2015

1952 Carl A. Peterson, 84, of South Dennis, Mass., 2/2/2015

1952 Robert Lyle Cone, 84, of Hamden, Conn., 2/7/2015

1952 A. J. “Bart” Bartoletto, 87, of Bloomfield, Mich., 3/3/2015

1952 Wilbert T. Moore Jr., 85, of Shrewsbury, Mass., 3/11/2015

1952 William G. Crannell, 85, of Beverly, Mass., 3/20/2015

1953 Curtis E. Boyd, 81, of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., 12/18/2012

1953 COL Servetus T. Ashworth III, USA (RET.), 83, of Rio Rancho, N.M., 10/19/2014

1953 William J. Welch Jr., 83, of Framingham, Mass., 3/26/2015

1954 Frederick E. Miles Jr., 83, of Cambridge, Mass., 3/5/2015

1955 William R. Hayes, 81, of Burnham, Conn., 3/11/2015

1957 COL Charles F. Champlin USA (RET.), 80, of Cedar Crest, N.M., 6/17/2014

1958 Radcliffe G. Mitchell Jr., 79, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, 2/19/2015

1959 Lawrence W. Pratt, 83, of North Hero, Vt., 4/7/2015

1960 (VC) Jerryann W. Foreman, 73, of Sterling, Vt., 5/26/2013

1960 Frederick “Fred” D. Griswold, 76, of Goshen, Conn., 2/23/2015

1960 David P. Belanger, 77, of Wasilla, Alaska, 4/3/2015

1961 M. Bruce Reed, 76, of Port Orange, Fla., 1/28/2015

1964 Harald “Harry” M. Fostervold, 72, of Bristol, Conn., 1/17/2015

1964 LTC Francis X. Brennan, USA (RET.), 75, of Nashua, N.H., 4/7/2015

1965 Edward T. Dunne, 71, of Holmdel, N.J., 1/5/2015

1965 Franklin “Frank” A. Silfies Sr., 71, of Windsor, Vt., 2/17/2015

1966 Wayne T. Lucas, 70, of Chandler, Ariz., 6/22/2014

1968 Richard J. Nero, 68, of Alta Loma, Calif., 1/3/2015

1971 Bruce P. Tobin, 65, of Santa Fe, N.M., 11/10/2014

1971 Thomas J. Ambrose, 65, of Bristol, Vt., 3/15/2015

1972 (VC) Pamela T. Slager, 62, of Melrose, Mass., 3/31/2015

1972 (VC) Sara K. Papier, 63, of Allentown, N.J., 4/1/2015

1973 (VC) Jill E. Tullock Johnson, 63, of Springfield, Va., 1/24/2015

1979 (VC) Kathleene O’Neil Eaton, 57, of Cape Porpoise, Maine, 1/30/2015

1983 (VC) Mary J. Ball, 69, of Newport, Vt., 2/16/2015

1984 (VC) Leslie A. Williams, 80, of Calais, Vt., 3/27/2015

1986 (VC) Freda C. Hylton, 80, of Bridgeport, Conn., 1/9/2015

1987 (VC) Paul W. Hoag, 69, of Liberal, Kan., 2/24/2015

1988 MAJ Melvin “Mel” Wilson, USANG (Ret.), 48, of Weare, N.H., 1/7/2015

1990 Robert A. Donovan, 47, of Dallas, Ga., 1/7/2015

1991 (VC) David L. Dickerson, 61, of Grand Blanc, Mich., 3/22/2010

1992 (VC) Murielle R. Drew-Nichols, 68, of Barre, Vt., 3/7/2015

1992 (VC) Corabelle A. Eddy, 73, of Royalton, Vt., 4/2/2015

1993 (VC) Sophia Pichinos, 64, of Wilmette, Ill., 2/3/2015

1996 (VC) Michael Murdock, 63, of Montpelier, Vt., 12/23/2014

1998 (VC) Gary L. Snyder, 63, of Durham, N.C., 4/7/2013

1998 Patrick G. McPherson, 38, of North Attleboro, Mass., 1/30/2015

1998 (VC) Kelly A. Greer, 54, of Sedalia, Mo., 2/2/2015

M’03 (CGCS) Michael T. Sheppard, 55, of Jacksonville, Fla., 2/27/2015

M’15 (CGCS) Victor T. Gronenthal, 31, of Baltimore, Md., 1/23/2015

Leroy “Roy” C. Butler, 76, former chemistry professor, of Northfield, Vt., 1/14/2015

Nellie G. Drown, 58, former staff, of Northfield, Vt., 1/13/2015

Rosalie S. Lea, 86, widow of Bill Lea ’50 and mother of Gregg Lea ’77, of Wanakena, N.Y., 2/5/2015

Peter V. Marsden, 72, friend of Norwich, of Lititz, Pa., 7/6/2013

Joseph Medina, 58, father of Adam Medina ’03, of Peabody, Mass., 1/21/2015

Wilma P. Selleck, 94, widow of James Selleck ’44, of Rutland, Vt., 3/19/2015

Vivian J. Sylvester, 92, wife of Russell Sylvester ’42, of Ogden, Utah, 6/3/2014

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