Spinning The Record – Spring 2015

Diana WegglerEvery issue of the Record proves to be a humbling experience. No matter how hard I try to avoid errors, something inevitably slips past me and my staff. The winter 2015 (Vietnam) issue was no exception. As a number of readers pointed out, in the very last line of my column I employed the numeral 10 when what I had intended was a 1. In Vietnamese lingo, one is “the best” and ten is “the worst of the worst, the scum of the earth.” It was an unfortunate mistake, and as the editor I accept full responsibility.

It is not my first blunder, nor will it be my last. But my job comes with certain benefits: A slip of the pen rarely carries fatal consequences.

Nurses don’t have it so easy. They cannot make mistakes. The wrong medication, or the right medication administered in the wrong dosage, can mean the difference between life and death. An errant zero in a line of text can be brushed off like a pesky mosquito, but an extra zero tacked onto the number of cc’s in an I.V. drip? Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end.

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the healthcare profession—providing compassion, care, and comfort with heavy doses of experience and expertise. While highly trained MDs are lauded for performing lifesaving medical procedures, nurses work behind the scenes, offering hope, easing pain, and dispensing humor—acts as paramount to the healing process as any miracle drug.

British politician Andrew Lansley said, “I know that nurses [comprise] not only the largest [component of the] healthcare profession, but [they] are responsible for the delivery of most healthcare, and are often in the best place to be able to see the whole pathway of care.” Indeed, from labor and delivery to hospice and bereavement, nurses are privy to the full spectrum of human joy and suffering.

As our nation struggles with the complex issue of providing affordable healthcare for all, one fact remains eminently clear: The need for qualified nurses and nurse educators is more critical than ever. This is very good news for Norwich, whose exceptional nursing programs and their graduates are the proud focus of this issue.

Diana L. Weggler




Diana L. Weggler

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